Garden Party Ideas

Little Mary Lennox wasn’t the only one enchanted by the idea of a secret garden. When the weather shifts to warm and breezy, the earth is green again, and the outdoors beckon to us from our indoor dwellings, you have the perfect excuse to throw a garden party. Alfresco gatherings are a delightful way to celebrate warm weather. Whether you’re simply taking the family outside for dinner, or hosting a large group of friends, bringing the gathering outdoors creates a new and fresh dynamic.

Warm days and comfortably cool evenings are made for entertaining outside. Gathering friends and family in your backyard for an outdoor party is an almost guaranteed way to have a good time. Whether you’re planning an intimate or large gathering, here are some favorite garden party ideas for you.

For decorating your table, choose colors to complement the season. Dress with simple linens, terracotta, and recycled glassware for an earthy, eco-friendly celebration.

Creating zones is a great way to add intrigue and intimacy to a garden party. If designing your garden for entertaining, consider using flowers and shrubs to define various sections. Planting beds can add a sense of privacy to smaller seating areas; add in some flower or herb pots here, too, for a natural way to scent a cozy area. Depending on the size of your party, create hidden areas where people can escape the crowd.

Nothing sets the scene for an outdoor party like festive decorations. Flowers are a lovely, classic way to decorate for a garden party and bring out the natural beauty of the outdoors. With an estimated 352,000 species of flowering plants, your options are nearly limitless! A lavish floral centerpiece (or two or three) is a delightful way to celebrate the beauty of the outdoors. Place fresh bouquets of different varieties of flowers or bowls with your favorite flowers throughout for even more beauty and color.

If you’re planning an evening gathering, good lighting is key. Stringing up warm festoon lights to add a soft glow when the light fades adds a lovely touch, as do tea lights in glass holders strategically placed around the backyard. Incorporate column lights around the food table or place tiki torches along the entrance of your party to guide guests toward the fun in a thematic way. Candles can also be placed amongst the flowers along the length of the table along with little tea lights spread in between. Candlelight creates a delightful atmosphere and the flickering flames look beautiful amongst the flowers.

As for food and drink, keep the menu light and delicious. Lemonade, herbal tea, and fruity sangria can be chilled and served by the bowlful, too. Garnishing drinks with edible flowers is a lovely touch sure to delight your guests.

One of the most special aspects of outdoor gatherings is the joy of eating alfresco. Take a traditional dinner party and move the fun outdoors. Menu-wise, choose something that could be cooked on the fire or in the oven. It’s a lovely, family-style way of entertaining.

If you have a large backyard, you could have several different stations for drinks and nibbles. To make sure your garden party can go off without a hitch, integrate a serving area where you can place plates and platters. Include pots of herbs, too, as a thoughtful touch so guests can garnish their own drinks.

Fire pits are a wonderful way to add warmth and ambiance to your garden party. Fire pits create a radiant and inviting focal point to a gathering and serve as a cozy gathering spot. Place fire pits at the bottom of the garden to establish a gathering place, or on your patio to create a convenient relaxation area close to the house. Adorn nearby trees with fairy lights, provide occasional tables for drinks and plates, and comfortable chairs to relax in.

In addition to fire pits, add contemporary, chic charm to your garden party by using creative ways of displaying necessities. A branch strung with rope, or possibly across where a hammock would usually hang, is the perfect place to display blankets. Attach stylish leather loops for throws in complementary colors. They’ll look nice during the day, and when evening comes your guests will know exactly where to head for some extra warmth.

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